With this short blog post I want to take you one last time back to 2017 before you start in to the new year with all your resolutions, ideas and plans. Let’s have a look on what happened in the scene of longboard dancing and freestyle in 2017. This article shall remind you once more on all the cool stuff we established, experienced and shared as a community.


So.. You Can Longboard Dance? 2017, Eindhoven

In Spring Bianca Kersten and Flow Provider invited us and we all met one more time for the fitfth edition of the biggest dance & freestyle competition in Europe. The So You Can Longboard Dance? Contest 2017 invited riders from all over the planet to the sweet little city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. It is the time of the year where you can see young people with longboards in their bags make a pilgrimage to the sixth biggest city in the country keen to show all the new moves, tricks and lines in the former factory building surrounded by hundreds of like-minded.
Over two hundred riders from all over Europe, Asia and other parts of the world, competed in the contests Dance/Freestyle Sponsored, Dance/Freestyle Non-sponsored, Dance/Freestyle Women, Hippie Jump, G-Turn, Best Trick and the Crew Battle contest.

I was part of the judging team together with Werner a.k.a The Dude (New owner of Simple Longboards), Andrei Churakov (Original Skateboards / Paris Trucks),  handsome Lotfi Lamaali (Loaded / Paris Trucks) and gracile Giulia Alfeo (Bastl Boards). The progress in performing new, unseen creative tricks by all the riders impressed us a lot. They made us jumping out of our seats, cheering and giving us the challenge to decide who proceeds and who not. After each round we did our judges meeting, counting points, discussing and deciding who goes to the finals. This whole package makes this task so interesting and I am already looking forward to next years’ edition.

After reading till the end check the official after movie by Peter Lahr or this video by Jelle Raap.


The Mission Tour

One thing that should be mentioned in this year review is how certain teams travelled to the SYCLD in Eindhoven and what challenges they confronted. Several weeks before the contest took part, AWHOU! mastermind Marshall Brettschneider invited the community to take part at a delicate contest – The Mission Tour 2017.

The idea behind the mission tour is that the participating teams can hand in ideas of challenges, with and without the board, that were compiled by Marshall himself to a huge book of craziness. The teams perform the challenges, film them and gain as many points as possible within the week before SYCLD.

You want some examples? Ok, here we go: Do a oldschool kickflip. Easy right? But what about Nose manual rip off your shirt rainbowshuvit off ? Or Only eat chips and drink coke for the whole week?
The footage that came out through the all the challenges by the teams AWHOU!, Crownboard, District16 was insane. But watch for yourself. Check also the videos by Crownboards and District16.



AWHOU! Longboard Tournament 2017, Berlin

Due to the fact, that it was impossible to find suitable locations for another edition of the Hamburg Longboard Open in spring, we decided to shift the competition to the AWHOU! headquarters to Berlin. We found it crucial to offer another summer event where the community can gather once more to meet, greet and skate of course. The idea of the AWHOU! Longboard Tournament was born.

Thanks to Tobias Seifert (or Papa Tobi), who put lots of efforts to the organization of the contest, we found a great spot outside Berlin. As you maybe already noticed it was a Tournament. Unlike in the common known competition procedure, at this tournament two riders were drawn to compete against each other in every round and right after the run the three judges, Christoph Weggler (Crownboards), Toni F. Gäbler, and me (I lost unfortunately in the first round against Mor so I took the judging seat), decided who would proceed to the next round.

Despite our relatively spontaneous invitation riders from all over Germany, Poland, Netherlands and elsewhere travelled to Germany’s capital to show their skills. At the end of the day Anastazia Kuzina and Philipp Baumann took the win by impressing us all with smooth rides and tricky combos.

Let’s make a short break here. I hope you enjoyed the first half. In the next part of the 2017 review I will tell you more about how we jammed at the Dock Session, how we pushed uphill at the La Grosse Rando and how the Paris Truck team visited Shanghai for the So.. You Can Longboard Dance? China. Stay tuned.

By Simon Arsenidis