You are in the middle of some awesome carving action. Like a wave you shift your body from left to right and your wheels slightly slide on the edge of each turn. You are completely in the flow and close to carve your way up to skate heaven when suddenly you notice this urge that overcomes you: “Maybe I can carve this thing even deeper. Even more lean. Yea that’s it!” You think it should be fine cause your wheels are only 60mm and the wheelwells on your board look very promising aswell, but NO! You do one huge heel lean and all of the sudden your freakin’ wheel decides to kiss the graphics of your board and it throws you over like a wild horse that has been ridden to harsh.

“all of the sudden your freakin’ wheel decides to kiss the graphics of your board”

Oh, my ambitious friend, you need to remember that you should always keep the balance in skating and in life. Don’t lean to far left or right. Stay centered with your core and let your feet carefully play in between the two extremes, like a child that is playfully testing its limits. Because life on the edge seems fun and alright, until you get a fuckin’ wheelbite! Until life throws you head over heels on freaking concrete! Then you know that there is only one way. Yes my friend, choose the middle way and enjoy this earthly ride, till you bail yourself to the grave.

About the author
Sydney_profilSydney swirls around inbetween the two worlds of Philosophy and Skating. With dancing feet and a heavy head he skates his way through the mysteries of life. He is an intergalactic traveller on four wheels, trying to land the cosmic trick called “truth”.