The AWHOU! pack was howling loud to call in friends and riders for the second tournament to their home base – Berlin. The Longboard Dance and Freestyle Community met for a weekend with a tiny bit of a match at it. 

A concrete skating rink outside the busy city hub created a free space to release the true nature of our frisky skater souls. With a whole bunch of good preparation the contest contained an unique 1 vs 1 knock-out system, a tombola with massive prices and of course a funky, groovy atmosphere thanks to the DJs. Tobi Seifert did a great job being head of organisation. Applause!

Most friends and visitors arrived on Friday to get a taste of the one and only Tempelhof spot, a haunted airport field in the centre of Berlin. And to salute the long-desired skate relationships through all over Europe. People from Finland, France, Poland, Spain and many more countries came along and dived into an atmospheric weekend.

On Saturday the tournament started quite early to gain more free time before the after show party later that day. Around noon the first riders battled another to get into the next rounds. Over 50 boys and girls took their turns throughout the day. In between a few more challenges and games for the audience and judges. A very easy and less competitive vibe lowered the stress level and extended the smiles. So did the sun. Cold drinks and snacks provided everyone present and the day turned into a familiar, groovy get-together. While the riders made it into the final rounds, new friendships and dance battles arose. We feel like people of all ages and backgrounds enjoyed our event, the vibe and the talks. Quality time.

Everyone participating was a winner. The finalists and podium places are listed down below.
For the night the pack of new and old friends celebrated a second time in a bar in Neukölln. Such fun games, talks and laughter made it an unforgettable night.
For the hangover and goodbyes everyone stumbled to Tempelhof on Sunday again. A last supper with the crew. This weekend shared a bite of a diverse city, a warm community and a contest that focuses more on the spirit than the results. Hoping to get more of this in other cities and countries.

Thanks everyone for showing up and make it such a special weekend!


Pictures by Maria Arndt and Jacek Labaj – Thank you!




  1. Deborah Keser
  2. Kati Hay
  3. Antonine Champetier



  1. Philipp Baumann
  2. Julius Everard
  3. Sven Schiefer 



  1. Sebastian Eberlein
  2. Sven Schiefer 
  3. Philipp Baumann


Best Trick 

  1. Philipp Baumann
  2. Petra Kostyal
  3. Puto Pablo


Hippie Jump 

Philipp Baumann and Lean Van Baarle


Congratulation to all winners!


Text by Philipp Baumann