Usually I take photographs of the awhou crew but I also thought about shooting a little clip with the girls and boys for quite a long time. I talked and talked about it but nothing really happened. (I hate when people do that) One day I ended up skating a fun session in a miniramp with Nas. It been great two hours of skating and talking nonsense, which we are really good at. I told her about my thoughts of doing that video-thing and she just told me to stop whining about it and start doing it. That is what I did. I started sketching some
storyboards to bring my ideas in order, visited the camera rentals to check on some cameras, organized the people and then simply started shooting on a sunny day on the Tempelhofer Feld. Summer was almost over and the sun stood very low during the whole shoot, that constant soft and bright backlight was really fun to shoot with.

I owe everyone that stood up early and helped out a big THANK YOU. It worked out perfectly and its been great dayI am really happy with the result but mostly and more important: I am simply glad I did it.

Written by: Stephan