In collaboration with rOllspOrtverein Hamburg eV we organized Hamburgs first dancing and freestyle competition. The whole dancing and freestyle community including all the big names of the scene met for one weekend in Hamburg to show their skills, meet their friends and spread the stoke. Many of our guests travelled long distances from all over the Europe and even North and South America to attend at the contest.

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With almost 60 riders it has been one of the bigger events in the German dance & freestyle scene. The competitors took part in the disciplines of dance/freestyle, best trick and hippie jump (men/women). The flow and the level of tricks the contestants showed in the qualification made it extremely hard for the four judges to decide who was proceeding.
After two qualification runs, the best four girls and the best 16 men entered in to the finals. One of our special guests was the legend Adam Colton who spread so much stoke and drew the knock-out final runs. He flew all the way over from Los Angeles to skate, chat and have a good time with us. In the finals the riders showed great skills and pushed each other to their limits.

The comments, screams and noises from our host and brother, Guleed Yussuf paired with sweet mixes by our DJ, Robert and the emotions and vibes of all participants led to an unbelievable atmosphere.
The after-party in the Mantis Longboardshop was legendary and worth to be there also next year…

You are wondering who won? Here are the results!

Dance/Freestyle – Women:
1. Nadya Doerga (The Netherlands, Timber Boards)
2. Deborah Keser (Germany, Simple Longboards)
3. Natalia Kowerda (Poland, Bareknuckle Longboards)
4. Anastasia Kuzina (Germany/Russia, AWHOU!)

Dance/Freestyle – Men:
1. Sietse Vliegen (The Netherlands, Timber Boards, Caliber Trucks)
2. Fabio Martinez (Argentina, Original Skateboards, RDVX Griptape, Kysygni Longboards, UZI Co Presicion)
3. Marijn Floris Smit (The Netherlands, Simple Longboards)
4. Gijs Schalkx (The Netherlands, Timber Boards, Randall Trucks)

Best Trick:
1. Fabio Martinez (Argentina, Original Skateboards, RDVX Griptape, Kysygni Longboards, UZI Co Presicion)

Hippie Jump:
1. Gijs Schalkx (The Netherlands, Timber Boards, Randall Trucks)
2. Jeff Ellis (Germany, AWHOU!, DaSilva Boards, Blacktop Trucks, Bleed Organic Clothing, Manaliso)
3. Linden Nieto (UK, 992 Custom Longboards, Willshop Skateshop, Belboards)

Photos by the super talented Gordon: Gordon Photography


Written by: Simon