Let’s start the Seasons 2 B-Sides with a little dedication to all those people who make us feel rich. Friends who share the same passion, stoke and maybe sometimes a couple of beers and doobies.
This clip is a journey around the world and back, from Berlin to Seoul, Israel, the Netherlands and the UK showing some lines from dudes who sacrifice their skin to the holy concrete the same way we do.
Much love, …AWHOU!!!

Seasons 2 B-Sides – Friends First from AWHOU!Films.

Joseph Koffi-gue
Philippe Koffi-gue
John Eyal
Marijn Floris Smit
Carl Fölster
Chan Bin Yoo
Hyun ki
Sergio Evans
Thomas Tiel Groenestege
Hannes Wilke
Azim Becker
Conor Prentice
Alex Merino
Pablo Gutierrez
Giulia Alfeo
Jon Haarhuis
Hyojoo Ko
Fabio Martinez
Arto Rohde
Jan Wagner
Philipp Baumann
Hans Wouters
Brenno Brélvis