Hi and welcome to the second part of the 2017 Lookback. You haven’t checked the first part? No worries, here you can read what was going on in the first half of the 2017 review.
Before we dive in to the autumn stories I want to take the opportunity to give some props to the Southside Crew from Mannheim who organized once more the Mannheim Longboard Open in the summer. Check the contest video by Katarzyna Hajdan.



Paris in Paris

I always wanted to visit the legendary DockSession and when Ryan Ricker (Team manager at Paris Trucks) told me that the whole Paris Truck squad is meeting in Paris before heading to the far east, I booked my flight ticket right away.
You do not know what the DockSession is? The Docksession is weekly longboard and music meeting initiated by le grande Lotfi Lamaali. He’s not only a talented longboarder but also a passionate musician. And because longboarding and music go hand in hand, he decided to organize the weekly meetings where people come together for jam sessions, skating new tricks or doing both.
DockSession has become quite successful. It attracts dozens of riders every week and the format has been introduced to other countries like Japan, Singapore or the USA.

This DockSession event was quite special. Because almost all the European Paris Truck team riders joined at that Saturday to have some quality time at the docks with the whole community. Sunshine, good music and lots of tricks made the perfect day for Paris in Paris.

Check this video by the coolest dude on earth Alex Colorito to get a feeling of the great vibes at DockSession.


La Grosse Rando 3, Paris

Have you ever pushed 20 km through the capital of France with a thousand longboarders? Well, next time you are in Paris make sure to be at La Grosse Rando 3. It is one of the biggest longboard meetings in Europe.
Personally, I felt that I travelled back in time to the year 2011 where I attended the longboard meeting Noche en Negro in Madrid. It was one of the greatest experience in longboarding to meet, greet and skate with so many people. Only this time in France.

We met on Sunday morning right in front of the Eiffel Tower and started our tour through the city. People with short boards, longboards, dressed up riders, kids, adults, couples, families – this colored mix rolled like wave of good vibes through Paris. It made us even forget that it was pouring during the whole time and that we pushed most of the time uphill.
Fortunately, no severe injuries incurred and we all reached the finish line not far from the river Seine. When the rain finally stopped, the event crew organized some funny games where all the riders could take part.

Video by Achel Machin

You want more? Then watch this video by Alex Colorito


So.. You Can Longboard Dance? China

Right after the weekend in Paris the Paris Truck team boarded the plane to fly non-stop to Shanghai. Together with the Paris Truck squad we travelled to the far east to attend at the So.. You Can Longboard Dance? China. Trizillion hours later, losing almost Lotfi Lamaali in Shanghai (that’s a different story), and being completly exhausted we arrived at our hotel. The first person I ran into was nobody else then our Korean friend and AWHOU! buddy DoYoung Gwon who also came to Shanghai to support us as a judge.

On Wednesday morning the event started. Jet-lagged and with a coffee in my hand I followed Andrei Churakov into the elevator to get to the top floor of the parking lot where the contest took place. When the doors opened I couldn’t really trust my eyes. The venue that looked at the night before as normal parking lot was transformed into a super professional longboard venue with cool lights, a big LED video screen and two great DJs. In addition, a million people where skating, standing in lines to register or taking pictures.

My task was, as you might can guess, to judge together with Lotfi (Loaded, Paris, Otang), Andrei (Original, Paris), DoYoung (Bastl), Achel Machin (Majatsu, Caliber), and Jelle Lemmens (Crownboards). Regarding judging it was the most intense event I’ve experienced so far. One, because nearly 300 riders attended – only at the best trick contest over 150 people showed their skills. Two, everything was in Chinese, so the only information about the riders were the starting numbers which made it sometimes a challenge.
The riders came mainly from all over China. But also Koreans, Europeans and Americans found the way to Shanghai.
After two days of watching super skilled riders, innovative tricks, community building and fun we found the winners of SYCLD China and hopefully we will see some of them soon in Eindhoven.

After the event we spent a few days in downtown of Shanghai. We met the Shanghai community for a great session. Teaching each other new tricks, playing Game of Skate and inspiring each other. It was one of those days that remind me why longboarding is such a fun sport.

The last two days the Paris squad hit the streets of Shanghai, skating local spots, filming lots of cool stuff (you’ll see soon), eating local specialties and having a great time.

Here are some videos from the SYCLD China.

Video by Seyoung Bae

Video by Andrei Churakov

If you’re interested in more videos from the week in Shanghai you should check out the video by Achel Machin or the piece by Katarzyna Hajdan.


King of the Jungle Longboard Contest 2017, Osnabrück

The monkeys from Osnabrück invited the community for another event. Once more, the LongLouieCrew put a lot of energy to make this thing happen.

This time I wanted to take part. No, not as a judge but as a contestant. It is still a lot of fun to get your starting number at the registration desk and wait for your turn. A few minutes to impress the audience and, more importantly, the judges.

After all those years and all those conetests the legs are still starting to shake right before the host counts down from three to starte my run.

But it seems that I woke up at the right side of the bed that morning. I qualified my way from the qualification to the final rounds and in the end I even jumped on the podium as third place. The other two places were taken by one of my favourite riders young gun Philipp Baumann (Quinboards) and super hero Marijn Floris Smit (Simple). The girl competition was won by Deborah Keser (Simple), second Katarzyna Hajdan (Crownboards) and third Ema (Bastl).

Picture by Maria Arndt, S*pin


Video by Markhor Films


A must-see video

Now, before I release you into the new year with all the impressions, motivation and new tricks I want to show you one of my most favourite videos released in 2017. When I first watched it, I was at the after party of the Osnabrück contest. Peter Lahr and some others got busy building up a canvas and connecting a projector in the middle of the room. They are going to show a little sneak preview of Peter’s latest longboard movie they said.

During the five minutes, the conversations of the audience fell silent. The people watched the video open mouths. They cheered loud when they saw those insane tricks, lines and combos in perfection. Both rider and filmer did a great job! If you haven’t watched it yet go ahead and press play. If you already have, then watch it again!


Video by Peter Lahr


I hope that you enjoyed my little summary of 2017 and I am looking forward to all the cool events you put so much energy in this year.