Hamburg Longboard Open 2016

Dance & Freestyle Contest

Welcome to the second edition of the Hamburg Longboard Open – Dance & Freestyle Contest, the international competition and longboard meeting right in the heart of Hamburg, Germany. The event is organized in collaboration of the local skateboard association rOllspOrtverein Hamburg e.V. and the AWHOU! crew. After the tremendous weekend last year, the stoke of the community and the positive feedback we are ready to get busy again.

A full weekend of skate, fun and friendship await you in St. Pauli, Hamburg. And on top of that you can win awesome stuff and enjoy a sweet after-party in the Mantis Lifestore.

This site provides all the information you need to know for your longboard weekend in Hamburg.

Event info

[box]Date: 13 August 2016[/box] [box]Start: 10.30 a.m. registration | 12 p.m. (noon) competition[/box] [box]Location: Spielbudenplatz, St. Pauli, Hamburg[/box] [box]Location (rain): Rindermarkthalle (Park deck), St. Pauli, Hamburg[/box] [box]Comps: Dance & Freestyle, Hippiejump, Best Trick, Best G-turn[/box] [box]Registration fee: €10 – receive a fancy goodie bag in return![/box]


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Competitions and Judges

At the HLO2016 you can take part in different disciplines. Here is all you need to know!

In the dance & freestyle contest we want you to show us your favorite trick combos and your smooth flow. Be creative and have fun on your board. Every rider has one qualification run of 1.5 minutes. The judges select who will proceed to the pre-final run (1.5 min./run) were the finalists are going to be identified. In the final run (2 min./run) will be decided who gets to the podium, earns the respect and is awarded with nice surprises.
Note: there will be no separation of sponsored and non-sponsored riders.
In the hippie jump contest we search for the highest jumpers on the board. Each registered rider has 2 tries to get over the bar that gets constantly higher after each round.
During your runs in the dance & freestyle contest the judges will draw special attention to new/creative/never seen tricks and choose the best trick after the finals. Last year nobody else than Fabio Martinez from Argentina won this contest with a Nollie Gazelle. Chapeau.
Show us your best G-turn combinations. You have 2 tries to impress the crowd and the judges.
We have 5 judges who are experts in longboard dancing & freestyle.
The judges will have a special focus on Dance, Freestyle, Consistency and Speed. Furthermore, you can earn special points for your creativity and your flow.

Video of the Hamburg Longboard Open 2015

Feel the stoke of last year’s event and get an idea how it is to be part of our event!

About AWHOU!

We are a bunch of friends who share the same passion for skateboarding that is expressed through AWHOU!
Our group consist of international experienced riders with a deep understanding for the sport and huge motivation to push it forward.
Through AWHOU! we try to spread our stoke and give something back to the community by organizing events like the HLO2016, producing high-quality skate videos or giving longboard workshops.

About rOllspOrtverein Hamburg e.V.

rOllspOrt Hamburg is a charitable association that engages in the different disciplines of skateboarding with the objective to enhance the tolerance and openess of the society towards skateboarding. The association takes actions by organizing competitions, workshops or tours. Thereby not only the skaters have the possibility to live their sport but also skate-unrelated people get to see our fascinating world.

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