Welcome to the third edition of the Hamburg Longboard Open 2019 organised by your favourite longboard crew AWHOU! in corporation with the local Skateboard e.V. Hamburg
We invite you to an exciting weekend to Hamburg together with the whole community. Fun, stoke and a great contest with a maritime flavour are waiting for you! Thanks to our supporters we also have some pretty prizes for you. But more importantly the winners will not only await beautiful medals and trophies but also love and honour by the community. And after the contest we all join the legendary after party in Hamburg. This time at the local longboard shop Studio Longboard!

If you want to be part of an awesome weekend here is all you need to know about the longboard tournament on Saturday, 10 August 2019 in Hamburg.

Contest & Registration

Registration information

Start registration at 9:45 am. The registration fee to cover the contest costs are 5 Euro. Please bring it in cash and the exact amount. We will not have any change. 
Do you already want to register? Follow this link…

In order to participate you need to fill out a registration and disclaimer form. We will have them at your disposal at the registration booth. 
Notice: If you are underaged (below 18 years old) please bring this document signed by your parents

Contest information

The longboard tournament (women / men) – main event
The contest will be a classic competition system. That means, that there will be several rounds depending on the amount of contestants.
As the contest area is quite narrow each rider has an individual run with a duration of 60 to 90 seconds.

After each contestant has completed the first run the judges decide who will proceed to the next round and so forth. The contest will be held for women and men separately.

Best trick award
The best trick seen at the runs of the longboard tournament will be awarded. There will be no individual contest. So even if you’ve ruined your run go BIG in tricks!

G-Turn contest
Impress the judges with a nice and smooth g-turn and win some awesome stuff! You have two tries. If you do land your trick on the first try, you are good to go.

Hippie Jump contest
Jump high and be rewarded. You have two tries for each round. If you fail twice you’re OUT!

Fun games (optional)
We want to build the community and show how much fun you can have with longboards. Therefore, we will make some funny games where you can win awesome stuff!

How to get there

The contest takes place at the Lohse Park in Hafen City. Check here the Google Maps link

Side events

Saturday, 10 Augst 2019, 8 pm
Afterparty and Movie Premiere

After the great contest day we invite you to the legendary after party at the Studio Longboard.
We will meet at the local longboard shop.
Check the Google Maps link
Start of the movie premiere at 8 pm.

Sunday, 11 August 2019, 11 am

We will meet during the day at the Rollschuhbahn in the heart of Hamburg to skate and see each other before leaving the town again. This spot is one of the best options in Hamburg and is the local spot for longboard dancing in the city. 
Check the Google Maps link
Starting from 11 am.

Our supporters

Without the support of the brands within the community events like those would not be possible. We do not seek any profits (actually we hope that we can cover the costs through the registration fee). With the support of our sponsors we have the chance to offer you great prizes that you can win during the contests.

We say a big thank you to: 
Studio Longboard | Bastl Boards | Bleed Organic Clothing | Bolzen Trucks | Crownboards | Concretewave Skateshop Cologne | Cosmo Longboards | Dasilva Boards | Flowseeker | Hackbrett | Hafen City | Loaded Boards | Luca Longboards | Orangatang Wheels | Paris Trucks Co. | Protoens | RAD Wheels | Rotwelsch Clothing | Sector9 | Timber Boards | TILTA | Simple Longboards 

If you have any questions or if you are lost just send us a message via our social channels on Facebook or Instagram. We try to answer your inquiries immediately.