Off the board: A talk with Marshall Brettschneider

Marshall is the person that made me start thinking about doing interviews in the first place. So many people have heard about AWHOU! in some way or another but nobody really knows anything about it except for the media we put out and the stickers we slap on every board we see. Marshall has been a driving force behind AWHOU! since day one. Apart from his usually rowdy persona he doesn’t share much […]

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Off the board: A talk with DoYoung Gwon

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting down with Korean longboard dancing legend DoYoung Gwon to talk about his travels, his life before longboarding and of course skating. DoYoung is an open-minded, funny, inspiring and curious human being who definitely needs to be met by as many people as possible as he will enrich every life he encounters by simply being himself – a true life lover. At […]

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