Which one is the craziest, toughest and most skilled longboard crew out there?

The Mission Tour will bring the answer with one crazy event.

5 Teams, 1 Book, 1 destination, 1 Winner, the Team who earns the Most Points by completing the provided challenges wins.

Each team gets a mission book filled with challenges that have to be completed to collect points.
The book contains tasks that demand crazy skills as on and off the board. In order to win the teams must exceeds their limits.

The Mission Tour will start on Monday, April 14 and ends right before the So..You Can Longboard Dance? Contest on Friday, April 21 in Eindhoven.

You and your team want to be part of the mission tour? Get in touch with us!

The Rules

  1. Each team needs to complete the tasks from the mission book to earn points
  2. The team that earned the most points during the mission tour wins
  3. Only missions that are listed in the book count
  4. Every completed challenge has to be filmed to be counted, if it’s not on tape it doesn’t count!
  5. What the mission does not disallow is allowed
  6. Tricks have to be landed clean to count

The Teams


District 16


Southside Longboarding


More info about SYCLD 2017 click here.

You have questions regarding the mission tour? Ask Marshall.