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About the school

We in AWHOU! believe in comradery and doing funky things on rolling planks of wood. It’s just as important to us to spread knowledge and grow longboarding as a sport, as it is to go out and skate ourselves. We don’t care whether you just bought a fresh board and need advice on what to do with it or whether you’re already cross stepping through your local neighborhood and simply wonder how to look even fresher. Either way, we will be stoked to get you rolling.

Your teacher

You’ll be taught by Jeff Ellis – former European and World Longboard Dancing and Freestyle Champion and the owner of a majestic beard that gives him superpowers. Jeff can teach you anything from a simple Cross Step to a Hang-5 No-comply 360 Shuvit x-foot landing into a Manual No-comply Big Spin out. What? Yupp.

We believe in structuring each and every course around every participant individually. We are all different, so are our needs and our ability to progress and this is how you can expect to be treated to ensure that you are getting the most out of every workshop.

For the lessons, all you need to bring is your board, time and the will to succeed! But don’t worry. If you don’t have a board, we’ll bring one for you. If you feel like you need protection, please be sure to bring your own. You can’t dance funky if you’re hurt, so please be safe at all times.

Still not sold? Here are some videos of what Jeff can do and what he’s willing to teach you.

For more videos you can visit the AWHOU! Crew Vimeo page and get your stoke on with some of our latest footage.



Whether you want to learn on your own or together with a bunch of your friends, our different fares got you covered. Just pick what suits you best and let’s get you rolling asap! You could be skating instead of looking at this page!

Private lesson for 1 person 40€/person – 90min
Private lesson for 2 people 35€/person – 90min
Private lesson for 3 people 30€/person – 90min
Private lesson for 4 people 25€/person – 90min
Longboard Hire* 5€/board

*Please let us know in advance that you need a board.

If you want to purchase a gift voucher for your friends or loved ones, please send us an e-mail.


Our primary workshop location is the Winterfeldtplatz in Schöneberg. In case of rain, we will meet at Velodrom/Landsberger Allee, which is easily the best rain spot in town. If the daily schedule allows it, we can also come to a spot near you. We love finding new locations to skate in.




Please get in touch with Jeff here if you are interested in buying our new bangin’ gift vouchers or if you have any questions regarding the workshops.